FAQ Registration

Registration opens on March 10, 2019 until July 7, 2019
Registration is done through the website www.marinesobstaclerun.com
Registration for the personal category is 350,000 IDR and group categories (4 people) 1,200,000 IDR

FAQ Event

Medals will be obtained if the participant is able to complete the obstacle not exceeding the cut off time (maximum 2 hours)
One group consists of 4 (four) people, all men, or all women. The group winner is marked from the record of the time the group member last entered the finish line.
7K with 11 obstacle points
Marines Obstacle is held on Sunday, August 4, 2019 at Nuvasa Bay, Nongsa, Batam
there will be cash and acrylic placard
A LOT! More people and with professionally built obstacles and multiple ways to run, crawl and jump through. Expect to get the finish line with team work!
Yes we will, but, DO NOT have your valuables in the bags, leave them at home. Especially jewelry. There is no charge for this service as it is included with your registration price.
Because we know how awesome our athletes are, we do have medical teams and course personnel roaming the course at all times in addition to the medical tent at the finish line. If you do get hurt, and are around an obstacle, there will be a medic there that has direct communication with the event directors and we can send one of our course medical teams to your location. If you are not around an obstacle, please tell a fellow athlete to let the next obstacle medical teams know and we’ll get help to you ASAP.