Batam is better known as one of the entrances to Singapore. Though the largest city in the Riau Islands province is worthy of being known more than just the entrance and exit of Indonesia.
From attractive beaches, unique islands to hidden waterfalls, this is the reason why Batam deserves to be your tourist destination in the next vacation session.

1. Exotic tropical island - Ranoh Island
Having dozens of islands scattered, Ranoh Island is a tourist destination in Batam that you must visit.

Image credit: @ranohisland

Clean beach sand, clear sea water and coral reefs with unique shapes and various colorful ornamental fish beautify Ranoh Island.
Location: Abang Island, Galang, Batam City, Riau Islands
2. Singapore View from the beautiful beach - Tanjung Pinggir Beach
Not only Nongsa Beach, Tanjung Pinggir Beach is also a tourist destination in Batam that is fun to visit. In addition to offering beautiful, clean and white sand beaches, you can also take a peek at Singapore's splendor from a distance.

Image credit: @suhar.tono95

The water is clear and the waves are calm as if inviting visitors to play in it. There are also many photo spots with natural shades, which means you can add Instagram photo collections, including the unique Hobbit House.
Location: Tanjung Pinggir, Sekupang, Batam, Riau Islands
Ticket price: 5,000 IDR per person
3. An impressive playground - Ocarina Batam Theme Park

Want to have fun in a fun playground, Ocarina Batam Theme Park can be the most fun tourist destination in Batam. Not only do many have impressive playgrounds, the atmosphere and the nuance also make visitors feel at home.

Image credit: @rahmatzainurfujianto

This 40-hectare park has dozens of playgrounds, including water park, kiddy land, giant wheel to trampoline. You can also selfie as you like in a number of interesting selfie locations there.
Location: Sadai, Bengkong, Batam City, Riau Islands
Ticket prices: 10,000 IDR for adults and 5,000 IDR for children
4. Enjoy the beauty of a clean beach - Mubut Island

Image credit: @ritonga.latif

One of the uninhabited islands in Batam is Mubut Island, or rather Mubut Darat Island. That means, you can find the natural feel of a tropical island when visiting this island.

Image credit: @withndrawan

Relax, enjoy the sunset and play water and white sand is the best way to enjoy nature on Mubut Island.
Location: Sembulang, Galang, Batam, Riau Islands
5. Beautiful isolated island - Pulau Tunjuk
Tunjuk Island is not too well known, but the beauty offered can be pitted against other islands in Batam, whose popularity is already echoing. White sand and calm waves are the main attraction.
The best moment to visit the island in the southeast of Batam is in the morning, while enjoying the sunrise from the east.

Image credit: @sye_watford

Besides the cool nuance, you can also enjoy the beautiful panorama of the morning of Batam.

Image credit: @rahaps_

Location: Tunjuk Island, Subangmas, Batam City, Riau Islands

 6. Enjoy the incredible underwater world - Abang Island
This small island with a population of 1,500 people is quite interesting to visit. Not only offers special natural beauty, the underwater panorama also cannot be ignored.

Image credit: @ginnothe

Starting from a beautiful coral cluster, even if you're lucky, you can meet with clown fish, or more familiarly called Nemo fish, which is a mandatory sight when snorkeling around Abang Island.
Location: Galang District, Batam City, Riau Islands
Ticket prices: Tour packages start at 350,000 IDR per person, including boat rental, lunch, snacks and snorkeling facilities.

7. Elyora Beach
Maybe this beach is not as famous as Tanjung Pinggir Beach and Nongsa Beach, but the beauty offered by Elyora Beach cannot be compared to the others. One of the spots is even very iconic because it presents an Instagrammable view.

Image credit: @nuansayusuf7766

Location: Galang Baru, Galang, Batam, Riau Islands
Ticket prices: Free

8. Different water tourism - Sea Forest Adventure
Sea Forest Adventure is the new and largest recreational area in Batam, as well as a paradise for fans of outdoor activities as well as adventure games.

Image credit: @seaforestadventure

The concept of nature, adventures and survival science make tourist destinations in Batam interesting to visit.
The facilities owned by Sea Forest Adventure are also complete. The playground is divided into four regions, and everything is guaranteed to be impressive. With the cost of an inexpensive ticket, it is common for Sea Forest Adventure to become a favorite tourist spot on Batam.
Location: Jl. Hang Lekiu, Sambau, Nongsa, Batam City, Riau Islands
Ticket prices: 35,000 IDR for adults and 25,000 IDR for children

Article Source : https://www.tripzilla.id/destinasi-wisata-di-batam-yang-keren/10318