You have to try 5 Batam Special Cuisines!

Batam is a city that has a large role to connect Indonesia with Singapore. Although it has an area that is not too wide, Batam has many tourist attractions that are worth visiting, especially as a place for culinary hunting. This city has a variety of culinary tastes from sweet, sour. here are 5 Batam Cuisine that you should try!

Gong Gong
Gong gong batam special food Via Instagram /jubileemerdeka

Gong gong is one of the typical culinary Batam that must be tried. It is a type of sea slug that lives in the Riau archipelago waters. This Gong Gong can also be processed into chips and dumplings. For Travelers who are just trying it for the first time, maybe it feels a little strange because it's a bit bland and has a chewy texture. However, if you are used to it, it will not feel strange anymore, you might even be addicted to this one-of-a-kind culinary Batam.

Fat rice or Nasi Lemak 
Fat Rice Via Instagram /goldenchallenge2015

fat rice may be familiar, huh. The fat rice sold in Batam is very special because it is made with a mixture of coconut milk, ginger, pandan leaves, lemongrass leaves, which gives rise to a fragrant aroma and makes people increasingly impatient to taste it. This rice is usually served with red chili spices mixed with fish or cuttlefish. There were also those who added a piece of chicken and one egg whole in one portion. Wow, it makes you drool right away.

Laksa or Lakse Via Instagram /princess_porky

This Lakse is a Malay noodle made from sago. Because it is made of sago, the texture of the noodles is very springy and creates a perfect blend. In Batam, you will find two processed forms, namely fried lakse and lakse kuah. This lakse usually uses curry sauce. you can find this typical Batam cuisine in the Tanjung Uma area and traditional markets around, don't have to worry because it's already available in Batam 

Mie Lendir

Mie Lendir
Mie Lendir Via Instagram/limei_65

Mie Lendir are a dish that is also a must-try when visiting Batam. This culinary looks like Bogor noodles and Acehnese shaken noodles, but it is different if you tastes it. The combination of sweet, salty and spicy ingredients that become one becomes addictive after trying it. Sweet taste comes from sweet potatoes and peanuts, while savory flavors are obtained from chicken and shrimp. Usually in one serving, this noodle is served with boiled bean sprouts and thinly sliced ??cayenne pepper.

Mie Tarempa

Mie Tarempa
Mie Tarempa Via Instagram/cureniawan

The last list that is not left behind is Tarempa noodles. This culinary is actually a typical Anemba food, but is often found in the city of Batam. Flat-shaped noodles and have a savory taste of tuna used. Usually noodles are mixed with soy sauce and have a spicy taste.